Robb, Dustin and Jason

are the core behind SMS Connected. 

Robb handles all of the inter-company communication and connects the dots. 

Dustin is the social media management guru and Jason ties it all together with his award- winning graphic design skills.

Together, they are SMS Connected.



We have an incredibly diverse mix of Rockstars who manage, create and kick ass at social media!

Our team of Millennials connect with their peers organically and naturally, leading to an authentic and genuine feel to their magic.

We couldn't do it without them!

Why Choose Us?

Well, besides that...

  • We work with automotive businesses exclusively.

  • We have over 30 years experience in the 12 volt / aftermarket industry.

  • We know your business and how to reach your target customers.

  • We only succeed when you succeed.

  • We consider ourselves a partner and include an NDA for transparency.

  • We take the headache of Social Media away so you can focus on your strengths.

  • We save you time.

  • We strengthen your B2B relationships organically.

  • We're simply here to help.

We're Awesome!

Our Story

SMS Connected is the brainchild of Robb Bagnall.


Robb is a 20 year veteran of the mobile electronics industry. In 2013, Robb sold his retail location and started his Manufacturer's Rep business. What he quickly learned was that his clients didn't need more boxes thrown at them, they needed more customers walking through the door!


Robb made it his mission to help find an affordable and tangible way to drive business to his client's stores.


Dustin worked in car audio with Robb before graduating from UNCC with a Social Media/Marketing degree.


Jason has 20+ years experience as a graphic artist and is part owner of a local print shop. He has won several awards for his graphic design; he and Robb have been close friends for the better part of 25 years.


Robb "connected"  Dustin and Jason...the rest is history.


Robb's foresight and background in marketing pushes his belief that Social Media is only going to become more important to both consumers and businesses alike.


SMS Connected was formed out of necessity. The average salary for a full time Social Media Manager is $47,190 with expected variances based on geography. It's Robb's experience as a small business owner that leads him to believe that most 12 Volt and automotive business entrepreneurs can not afford to simply add a new full time employee, thus SMS Connected was born.


SMS Connected is an affordable way to connect businesses with their target customers.

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